Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about YLC 1002?

YLC 1002 is a Needle Disposal System with a built in ‘UV Sterilizer &Gear based Shredding’ mechanism

What is the sterilization method used & how safe it is?

YLC 1002 uses UV Sterilization method.

It is 100 % safe .

It is certified in the UV test report of YLC 1002 very clearly that the Bactericidal for E.Coli& S. aureus shows 99.9% reduction rate.

Report available for download.

Award winning ‘New & Innovative technology’

YLC 1002 meets all regulations & successfully installed in numerous countries worldwide.

What is the life of the UV Lamp?

The UV lamp life span is 10,000 hour.

What is the Shredding mechanism used?

Gear type shredding mechanism.

Reverse Gear option available to flush out the foreign materials if inserted by mistake

Award winning ‘New & Innovative technology’

What are the types of needles YLC 1002 can shred?

Generally YLC 1002 is able to process 17G, 24G, 25G, 26G and 27G needles. But, it also slightly differ according to the manufacturer & company.

What is the processing time for ‘Sterilizing & Shredding’ of each needle?

The processing time is less than 2 second.

Sterilization starts instantly while shredding and the UV light is on continuously & exposed to the collection bin.

How many shredded needles can be accommodated in the collection bin?

Around 350 needles. There is counter indicating the incremental values after shredding. The counter can be reset to start again from the beginning during every use.

Can we shred the long catheter? Will collection bin can accommodate the shredded catheter?

The long catheter cannot be accommodated in the needle collection bin. If you want to accommodate a long catheter, you have to use a stand. Stand is available as optional accessory.

How many Needles can be ‘Sterilized& Shredded’ in one day?

5000 Needles / 8 hour

How much electricity does YLC 1002 consume in one day?

1 unit of power consumed for 5000 Needles (1 unit per day)

How effective is UV sterilization as compared to ‘Autoclaving’ & ‘Dry Heat Sterilization’?

The UV is preventing the growth & killing the bacteria in the needle collection bin of YLC 1002. The UV Test report is available for reference.

What is the life of the Gear assembly?

Over 5 years and sometimes even up to 10 years if maintained properly

What are the maintenance ‘Tips’ for the unit?

Periodical cleaning of inlet and needle collection bin and the gear using alcohol or liquid detergent.

Can we buy now YLC 1002N (without battery) and purchase the battery later to convert the system with battery (1002M) for portability?

The AC type(YLC-1002N) and battery type(YLC-1002M) uses different PCB and program.So,it is not possible to do so. Must be decided at time of ordering.

What is the minimum & maximum operating voltage?

AC 100 V ~ 240V. (50 ~ 60Hz)

Will there be any machine break down due to power fluctuations?

Normally No. If you use a power cord that is not certified the system may breakdown.

How is the Service Support Provided?

YLC 1002 is a very reliable & proven product.

In the rare event of failure the units can be sent to us for service on ‘Return to Bench’ basis.

For service during warranty period a stand by unit is provided.

For installations having more than 40 units at a single site, we can stock small spares at the site & train the bio-medical staff for first level service.

For installations having more than 60 units, a stand by unit is provided at site for replacement.

Any consumables required to run the unit?

No. If required customer can replace the Inlet, Inlet silicon cover & collection bin in a periodical manner, on the maintenance perspective.

How is YLC 1002 different from the local Needle burners?

YLC 1002 to uses award winning innovative technology of ‘UV Sterilization & Gear based shredding’ of syringe needles.

Whereas the local made ‘Needle burners’ draw huge electricity and use filament to generate heat up to 1600 degrees to burn the needles.

Local made ‘Needle burners’ are Unsafe, Non standard, No norms followed

What are the advantage s of YLC 1002 over local Needle burners?

UV Sterilization hence 99.9% safe.

Noise less ‘Gear based Shredding’

Operates as per norms & standards.

All test reports & safety certificates available for download for reference

No Flame. No Spark. No Melting. No blood Smell. No Noise. No pollution

Long Product Life