Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS)

Pneumatic Tube System is used within a tube to transport the material from one place to another. Pneumatics is a section of technology that deals with application of pressurized air to produce mechanical motion. Pneumatic System is a power transmission system that uses force of air to transit power & to send & receive carriers within the tube using suction & compression.

Application Areas:

PTS can be used for various industries. Hospitals / Pharmacies / Laboratories / Banks / Offices / Industries / Restaurants / Waste / laundry


Safe and Sealed / Secure / Economic / Time Saving / Higher Efficiency /Optimal Facility Utilization

  • Time Saving
  • Transport across long distances with in just a few moments.
  • Greater Productivity
  • Staff are able to deal with more important tasks.

Pneumatic Waste & Laundry Collection System (PWLCS)

Pneumatic Waste & Laundry Collection System is totally sealed automated system for collection of waste and / or throughout the facilities maximizing performance, efficiency and reliability while delivering exceptional convenience and value.

Application Areas:

PWLCS can be incorporated into new or an existing building design. Whether a single building, a multi building facility or a city center, the solution is customized as per the individual requirement


Less visibility of trash / No odor / No rodents or insects / No Pollution / No Cross contamination / No over flow / No dustbins / Single collection point / Less Traffic / Smart Utility / Less Carbon foot Print

  • Cost Saving
  • Lower Overall collection expenses
  • Reduced housekeeping labor
  • Greater Productivity
  • Reduced building wear & tear
  • Frees up valuable real estate

Automatic Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)

Automatic Storage & Retrieval System consists of Computer Controlled & PLC based stacker crane driven system for automatically placing & retrieving materials from defined storage locations. The ASRS can be used in situations involving small or high volumes of goods storage. It allows more storage space due to high-density storage & narrower aisles. It exploits the vertical height of space provided. An ASRS based storage automation solution increases efficiency of Material Tracking, handling and overall throughput.

Application Areas:

ASRS can be incorporated into new or an existing building design. Customized designed trays to suit shape, dimensions and weight of the material to be stored.


Safe and secure / Manpower & Cost saving / Quick retrieval of material / Optimum space utilization

  • Cost saving
  • Low power consumption
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Greater Productivity
  • Quick retrieval of material
  • More productivity, less man power