Athena Hub for Medical Education

Virtual Human body is the Key

Allowing doctors, teachers and students to interact and manipulate some human cadaver without touching them. Practice using the highest standards of clinical care, preventing patient safety from being compromised.

Considering the high prices, restrictions policies and high maintenance diffi culty to have a cadaver for anatomy classes, Athena Hub is a perfect solution that allows students to interact with digital corpses instead of the aged and degenerated bodies of traditional cadaver. Models have limited interactions with limited accuracy.

Nurse Call System

one system – many functions

VISOCALL IP brings together care, information, service, organisation and billing in hospitals using a common functional platform. IP-based network technology forms the economical, secure and extensible structure for all functions and services in the care sector.

maximum fail safety

VISOCALL IP is made up of decentralised blocks that communicate independently with each other. There is no centralised control unit, thereby eliminating the possibility of a total system failure. VISOCALL IP is certified in accordance with VDE 0834 – proof of its high level of reliability and permanent system availability. The redundancy concept also provides an extra level of security