Smart Bin System (SBS)

Smart Bin System (SBS) has the ability to compact waste, check waste location wise, provide ontime activity statistics, generate past records etc. makes GVS SBS truly SMART system for waste management.

The SBS application interface can be logged in for a single-destination control board showing data on collection, SBS fullness, volume and more. The SBS connects and improves the core services to modernize waste collection and provide access to data that can drive efficient waste management.

Application Areas:

All Public & Private places


Compacts waste up to 80% & enhances 5X capacity / Reduces cost / Reduces Litter Provide Realtime monitoring system / Reduce traffic and conserves Fuel/ Reduces Carbon Footprint Eliminates Waste Overflow / Resources can be utilized properly / SMART Waste management

  • Safe & Hygiene
  • Eliminates Waste Overflow
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Greater Productivity
  • Automatic compaction, 5x capacity
  • Reduce traffic and conserves Fuel

Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder (ISS)

Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder (ISS), the medical hazardous waste solution, is a steam sterilizer with an integrated shredder, designed for on-site conversion of biological infectious medical waste in hospitals and clinics, complying the EU and WHO recommendations.

A Large steam sterilizer family consists of fully automatic pre- and post-vacuum sterilizers / autoclaves, they can be supplied from 110 up to 880-liter capacity. Best solution for hospital’s central sterile supply departments (CSSD).

Application Areas:

Hospitals, Bio Medical Waste Treatment Plants, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological applications


Safety - Simplicity- Hygiene: Safe & risk free disposal of hazardous & infectious waste as per norms

  • Safe & Secure
  • Safety - Simplicity- Hygiene
  • Risk free disposal
  • Greater Productivity
  • Less Manpower
  • Time saving & staff productivity

Needle Disposal System

Injection Needle Disposal System Self and Convenient

  • Every medical professional experience an average of 9 Needle injuries per year
  • Causing infectious diseases for over 2 million Medical Professional every year
  • Of which... 38% is Hepatitis B, 39% Hepatitis C & 4.4% is HIV/AIDS